About Us

Mission Statement:

To be the voice of all lives lost and the families left behind.

M.A.S.K was created in the honor of Shaquille Turner, the son of our founder, Shana Turner. We are here to spread awareness, educate, and heal the effects of senseless violence.

Please join us in our efforts by partnering, volunteering, or joining our movement.


We plan to make an impact on our local community using three forms  of service. Education, Advocacy and Raising Awareness 



We focus on all families effected by senseless killings. We plan to hold educational events for advocates and those effected.


Our founder attends events as much as possible meeting with law makers, support groups and advocates. Her goal is to help create a safer environment for our next generation.


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Raising Awareness

We believe that raising awareness may inspire someone to get involved with our orgnization or other organization like ours. The people we have talking about preventing senseless killings the better our results could be.